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Thomas Witzmann
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dr. hasso wolf




Tub, Perk oder Fl, Git, Vcl, Perk
gespielt von:
Klaus Burger und Thomas Witzmann
Weitere Aufführungen:
im Rahmen des Frau Witzmann Konzertes zum 15. New-Jazz-Ferstival in Moers 1986 (WDR Mitschnitt); Ruhrworks Festival in New York 1989.
Kurzbeschreibung:  kurzer brachialer atonaler Marsch, mit rigider Stimmbehandlung des Perkussionisten.

Roars from Ruhr

[...] Political warning or just a joke? Such ambiguity abounded. In his Dr. Hasso Wolf, a hilariously miniature Le Sacre, Witzmann grunted loudly as he banged drums, while Burger's tuba puffed an atonal march. "Any similarities with real persons or dogs," read the program, "are purely coincidental but intended." However one construed that, the festival was an enlightening change from the dry Rihm/Fernheyhough mainstream that usually flows from Germany. We need these reminders that the new music universe is not exhausted by minimalism, serialism, neoromanticism, and improvisation, as it too often seems to be here.

Village Voice/New York
31. Oktober 1989
Kyle Gann


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